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Making Love Retreat

Tantra Meditation Retreat for Couples


In this Retreat a couple is given a completely new insight into sex, and its function within a relationship. Most of the unhappiness experienced in love has its source in dissatisfaction with sex. When the real truth about sex is clarified, sex becomes a potentially healing force and not a potentially disruptive one.

The key lies in a new perception of the genitals, how they interact and how male and female energy is exchanged, in reality. It requires a rediscovery of our ecstatic bodily sensations which exist in any moment we are truly present. Through discussion, sharing and daily step-by-step lectures a unique tantric sexual orientation is presented.

Each day specific meditation times are devoted to exploring the suggested 'love keys' in privacy. This essential aspect enables a couple to discover this new language through direct experience. This is not a special technique or a ritual. Simply by introducing awareness, relaxing into being and feeling, a style of sexual rapport emerges which creates love and harmony between man and woman. There is an immediate shift away from the personality, emotions and problems of the past, and through sex deep healing and joy becomes possible. The retreat is a profound experience, described by participants as a coming home, a 'spiritual honeymoon', a reawakening of love. Couples feel the impact whether they are together for three years or thirty years.

Using guidance of Tantric Masters Osho & Barry Long, and with many years of personal exploration, Puja and Raja teach couples how to enter into the experience of Tantra, and open the doorway to transforming sex into an empowering loving unifying force.

Puja Diana & Raja Michael Richardson

Portraits of Puja Diana (on the right) & Raja Michael Richardson (on the left)

Puja Diana, born in Zululand, South Africa, obtained a degree in Law from University of Natal. Then she focused on the body, practicing and teaching holistic massage and structural body work for more than 20 years. In 1979 she became a disciple of the Indian mystic Osho. Her interest in meditation touch and healing initiated an exploration into Tantra, the union of sex and meditation. 1993 she presented her unique synthesis of Tan­tra at the Osho Tantra-Academy in Poona. Since that time she leads Making Love-Retreats for couples, together with her partner Raja. Puja's direct and practical interpretation of tantra has already inspired many couples in the art of loving.

Raja, born in Germany, attended the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart. Teacher of Tai Chi ( Yang Style Master Chu), practitioner of Shiatsu and teacher of the Gurdjieff Sacred Dances. In 1985 he became a disciple of the Indian mystic Osho. Raja has been practicing Tai Chi with passion and commitment since 1982, and his many years of experience of meditation in movement has planted the roots of his perception of energy within the tantric dimension of sensitivity, awareness and presence.

Since 1995 Raja has been teaching with Puja, and they lead meditation retreats for couples in Switzerland.

More information and publications

Puja Diana & Raja Michael Richardson's website www.loveforcouples.com has more information about their work and a variety of books, audio books, DVDs, interviews and videos.

Retreat Venue: Seminar Hotel Chlotisberg

The Tantra Meditation Retreats for Couples with Diana Puja & Michael Raja Richardson will take place at the Seminarhotel Chlotisberg from 2022. On this page you will find information about the seminar hotel and especially about the 5 available room categories.

Please note: The registration for the retreats as well as the room reservations are handled exclusively by the Waldhaus Seminar Administration. Please use the online form for the corresponding retreat date. Priorities regarding room requests can be indicated there.

In the middle of Switzerland, with a far-reaching view of the mountains and lake, between forest and meadows, lies the Seminar Hotel Chlotisberg, a place of power and retreat with a personal atmosphere and professional organisation.

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