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Making Love with Jasmin and Max Muzio

Making Love Retreat

Transforming Sex into Love through Awareness

Diana and Michael Richardson - inspired by the tantric masters Osho and Barry Long - have developed this retreat through years of personal exploration to open a gateway able to transform sex into an empowering, loving and unifying force.

The lack of happiness in our love relationships that many of us experience has largely to do with dissatisfaction in sex, rooted in a lack of connection to our bodies, our sexual energy and the earth. Through this new approach to self-regulation and sexuality, we can heal our sense of separateness, reclaim our true selves and create a deeper connection to each other.

During the Making Love Retreat we learn to transform our sexual and relationship lives, regardless of what has happened to us in the past. It is never too late to open up to this new kind of transformative sexuality and intimacy. In doing so, we learn to reconnect with our bodies and our authentic sexual selves, allowing intimacy to blossom anew in our partnership.

In this week-long retreat, couples will gain new insights into sex and its function within the relationship. Reawakening our fine, subtle bodily sensations facilitates brings us into the here and now. Through exercises, sharings and step-by-step instructions, a unique tantric sexual orientation is imparted. During daily special meditation times, the suggested "love keys" can be explored in the privacy of your own room.

Max & Jasmin Muzio

Max und Jasmin Muzio

Max is a Making-Love® teacher (Diana & Michael Richardson), trained in Oceanic Bodywork® (Nirvano Schulz) and a passionate artist. He is currently training to become a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (trauma therapy, Peter Levine). The slow and conscious nature of sex as taught at the Making Love Retreat® has changed some fundamental attitudes and views in his life and broadened his perspectives. He sees life as a constant learning process and is happy to continue to deepen this work and share it with others. Max is happily married to Jasmin and the father of three wonderful children. Together they live in a beautiful community in Switzerland.

Jasmin is a Making-Love® teacher (Diana & Michael Richardson), Somatic Experiencing® practitioner (trauma therapy, Peter Levine) and trained in Oceanic Bodywork® (Nirvano Schulz). Jasmin grew up in an international seminar centre in Switzerland and has been in close contact with elders, healers, group leaders and their various approaches and traditions since her early childhood. This is also how she came into contact with Diana and Michael Richardson and the work of Making Love. Over the years a deep love and devotion for this work has grown in her. Femininity, trauma healing and conscious sexuality have always been a major theme of her interests and studies. She is happy and grateful to now share this valuable work with other couples at the Making Love retreat. 

Retreat Venue 1: House of Light, Andalusia

The House of Light is a very special place in Andalusia to practice personal transformation and bodywork while feeling close to and connected with nature. Over a period of five years, the site has been lovingly restored and transformed from a ruin into what it is today: a beautiful building with numerous aesthetically pleasing, thoughtfully designed rooms that invite guests to "come home" to themselves.

All the rooms at the House of Light have been decorated with love and care and have their own charm, colours and atmosphere. From beautiful, traditional yurts to luxurious, Moroccan-inspired rooms with en-suite bathrooms, there is a variety of welcoming, tranquil spaces designed to both inspire and relax. During the retreat, all rooms are equipped with a double bed.

Please note that organisation and booking of the retreat as well as room reservations are exclusively through the organisers Max & Jasmin Muzio.

House of Light 1
House of Light Yoga Hall
House of Light Terrace
House of Light double room

Retreat Venue 2: Finca Argayall, Gomera

Finca Argayall is located on a quiet, secluded bay in the south of the Canary Island of Gomera. The center, which has been run as a living community for almost three decades, is located directly on the sea, it has a beautiful permaculture garden with tropical flair and a large pool. A huge rubber tree protects the dining area of the idyllic complex around the pool.

Beautiful double rooms in various price categories are available as guest rooms or garden cabins. Vegetarian food of largely organic origin is served three times a day at the buffet. A mild summer climate allows swimming in the sea practically at any time of the year.

Please note that organisation and booking of the retreat as well as room reservations are exclusively through the organisers Max & Jasmin Muzio.

Argayall Seaside
argayall double room
Argayall pool
argayall seaside