Earth my Body – Fire my Spirit

Oceanic Bodywork® Fire & Earth – Training part 2

29 July – 1 August 2021

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of the body, accompanied by the rhythmic heartbeat in the loving atmosphere of healing hands. Allow yourself to massage and be touched with scented oil. A beautiful way to relax and enjoy your body.

Oceanic Bodywork® Fire & Earth is a unique synthesis of bodywork which combines elements of massage, dance, singing and energywork together with plant wisdom in a unique way. A bodywork that gives stability Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of the body, accompanied by the rhythmic heartbeat in the loving atmosphere of healing hands. Allow yourself to massage and be touched with scented oil. A beautiful way to relax and enjoy your body.

Oceanic Bodywork® Fire & Earth is a unique synthesis of bodywork which combines elements of massage, dance, singing and energywork together with plant wisdom in a unique way. A bodywork that gives stability and good grounding, joy and serenity.

Oceanic Bodywork® Fire & Earth is inspired by the spiritual master Osho and his insights about the connection between body mind and soul, by Kahuna Abraham and the traditional Hawaiian temple massage, through the indigenous way of being of the first nations and the natural forces.

Oceanic Bodywork® was developed by Nirvano. She enjoys to combine dance from various cultures, rhythmic movement, as well as dynamic and quiet live music, singing and silence together with deep tissue massage, soft touch and Energywork.Years of experience, gained in the Osho Buddhafield, seminars and trainings as well as intensive studies with indigenous people have contributed to this development.

One of the core pieces of Oceanic Bodywork ®Fire & Earth is Hawaiian Bodywork. The origin of this beautiful and powerful art of massage comes from the ancient Hawaii, handed down by the Kahuna Abraham and the Hawaiian temple massage.

Rebalancing® Bodywork techniques and joint release, energy work of various directions, newly developed massage techniques, as well as herbal treatments are combined with Hawaiian bodywork and is giving the Oceanic Bodywork® Fire and Earth a holistic approach.

Oceanic Bodywork ® Fire and Earth combines long flowing massage strokes with hands and upper arms followed by deep tissue massage, gentle joint release, dynamic energy work and the use of hot volcanic stones.

Oceanic Bodywork® Fire & Earth is a full body massage by one or two people combined with a breathing technique which supports the intuitive part of the giver.

The bodyworker is invited to dance around the massage table with drumming and soft music, staying with the receiving partner in physical contact.The combination of massage, breathing and dancing, as well as the accompanying music and songs can open the receiving person for deep memories from the original state of being towards the oneness with nature which allows a state of deep mental and physical relaxation.

Oceanic Bodywork® Fire and Earth is a journey from the primal forces of nature through your body to the heart. Immerse yourself in the weightless space where silence sings.

The Training

This training is a basic education in Oceanic Bodywork® Fire & Earth, which allows you to work professional with people. In addition to the practical learning of Oceanic Bodywork® Fire & Earth Massage techniques, the hot stones and herbal treatments you get an understanding of functional and energetic anatomy, which helps you to engage in a deeper level of body work.

You will learn a variety of techniques to support your intuition and ability to trust the wisdom of your heart, your hands and your body.

The training provides in 2 parts an intensive experience and self-cleaning process where you have space to give and receive from others on massage tables.

By listening to your heart your song and sound can unfold and be expressed through your voice.

Various meditations and healing chants will help deepen your learning process and can expand your consciousness.If you want to discover and celebrate your body in a refreshing and deep way then this training is for you. An already trained bodyworker and music teacher can benefit from this work and experience a nurturing time.

Massage techniques, two - and four hands on massage tables
Breathing technique
Joint Relase
Fire breathing
Hot Stone Massage
Active and passive meditations
Oceanic facial massage
Deep Tissue Bodywork
Herbal treatment
Essential Oils

Part 1 of the training

Beginning: Thursday, 29 July 2021, 7:00 pm
with dinner
End: Sunday, 1 August 2021, 5:00 pm
with lunch, departure afterwards
Seminar fee: CHF 600.00
Board & Lodging: CHF 324.00
Accommodation in shared rooms
Attending this seminar includes board & lodging at Waldhaus Center.
Language: German, translation into English if needed

Registration via Waldhaus Zentrum
Organizer: Martina Nirvano Schulz


It's easy to get to Lützelflüh in Emmental with public transportatiion as well as by car.

By Train

Come to Burgdorf, which is on the main rail lines Basel–Bern or Zürich–Bern. The IC (Intercity) trains do not stop at Burgdorf, often you may need to change to an IR (Inter-regional) train in Olten or Bern. From Burgdorf, take a Regional Train direction Langnau (S4) or Sumiswald-Grünen (S44) (Notice: don't take the train direction Wiler which often leaves from the same rail track!) and exit the train at Lützelflüh-Goldbach. If you take the Regional Train from Bern, be aware that sometimes just a section of the train goes to Langnau or Sumiswald-Grünen.  It may be necessary to change at Burgdorf when travelling from Bern! We are a 40-minute walk from Lützelflüh-Goldbach station. Let us know your arrival time in advance if possible (034 461 07 05), if you want to be picked up. The costs are CHF 5.– for each person and way. Please wait in front of the station on the side where the Kiosk is located.

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By Car

Take the highway Zürich–Bern and exit at Kirchberg (about 18 km before Bern). Then follow the signs in the direction Burgdorf–Langnau. On the way towards Langnau, after the Seat garage, turn to the left onto Lützelflüh-Goldbach, following the sign Waldhaus. Travel past the church at the top of the hill (right of the church, you'll find again a white Waldhaus sign). Travel out of the village about half a kilometre and on the left turn at the Waldhaus sign. Bear to the right at the large Linden tree. Just after curving around past a few farm houses, take the first street left (here is also a Waldhaus Zentrum sign). You will see our tower directly in front of you. Please be sure to follow the parking-area instructions.

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  • PLEASE BRING WITH YOU: own towels and possibly a sauna towel, a bathrobe and house shoes. We recommend to bring enough comfortable clothes for body exercises with you as well as a warm sweater. Additional things to bring with you are mentioned on your specific seminar confirmation.
  • WIFI: We offer a permanent Wifi hotspot in front of the entrance to the boutique/office as well as around the entrance of the main house. Additionally you can login to the internet in the boutique via Ethernet cable or Wifi during the opening times of the boutique.
  • THE FEES can be paid by cash in Swiss Francs (no Euros) either in cash, by EC-/Maestro card or Swiss postcard at the beginning of the seminar in our office. Guests from abroad can also pay by Visa or Mastercard, however we ask our participants from Switzerland to prefer the other modes of payment because of high transaction fees.
  • A large sun terrace, a beautiful garden area, a ping pong table and a sauna are available.
  • Woolen blankets, mattresses and cushions are available in the group room.
  • Waldhaus Zentrum is a non-smoking house. There is a smoking temple for smokers in the garden.
  • Our kitchen offers a rich variety of vegetarian gourmet food with mainly biological products. Most of the greens are supplied by producers nearby. Only if announced in advance, we offer a simple vegane lactose and gluten free alternative. On occasion we offer a corresponding dessert variation. Further individual dietary needs can only be considered by agreement and, depending on the effort required, for an additional charge.
  • Energized water, tea and fruits are available free of charge all day long. In our self service bar you will find a variety of snacks as well as non-alcoholic/alcoholic beverages. Please do not bring along your own beverages.
  • In the Waldhaus Boutique you can buy natural cosmetics, postcards, shawls, clothes, tooth brushes as well as frankincense, books, meditation accessories and presents. The opening times will be announced on the entrance door of the boutique. Visit our online shop on www.waldhaus.ch.
  • We offer our guests friendly dormitory-style rooms (4 to 6 beds). The number of single and double rooms is extremely limited. If we are unable to provide your desired single or double accommodation, we will be happy to find a private or hotel room nearby (car needed). For the Making Love Retreats please check the list of rooms.