Ancient Wisdom for New Times – Introduction and Deepening

A Hands-On Intensive

This seminar is cancelled for organizational reasons.

For years there are many native indian teachers, traveling aroud the globe and sharing the spiritual way of living of their people to their part in restoring the lost balance of our way of life. This is the purpose of this seminar.

In the first part we will dive into the old knowledge of the native indian people. We sing traditional songs and learn how to use them for the purpose of healing. We learn to understand the important role of traditional dances for today's world and speak about an education based on respect of creation. Vernons wonderful stories will touch and inspire us.

A sweat lodge on Sunday morning helps integrating and rooting what we have learned. In the second part we dedicate ourselves to the holy tools of a medicine person. We learn about the meaning of the drum, create an own medicine bag as well as moccasins and gain deeper understanding for the traditional ceremonies and healing work. Another sweat lodge in the morning of the last day rounds off the seminar.

The new seminar dates will be announced later.
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