Krish & Amana Trobe

Krish (Thomas O. Trobe, M.D.) and Amana (Gitte Demant Trobe) have been leading seminars together since 1995. Their work, The Learning Love Work, is a process of learning to live with love, creativity and inner silence. It has developed out of their experience being in a love relationship for over 25 years and is inspired by the teachings of their spiritual master, Osho.

Krish is a psychiatrist educated and trained at Harvard University and the University of -California. He has been leading seminars since 1978.

Amana is certified in Cranio-Sacral Balancing and also trained in Counseling, Light Puncture and Inner Child Work. She has developed her own unique style of individual sessions which combine intuitive healing and counseling.

When not leading workshops around the world, they are based in Sedona, Arizona.

The Journey from Co-Dependency to Mature Love
The object of our work is to transform our relating to others and to ourselves from a state of co-dependency to mature and healthy love. The experience of love in a deep and sustained relationship with a lover or friend is one of the most precious and beautiful experiences in life. Yet we are not born knowing how to love. Love is an art which we need to learn. This is the focus of Learning Love Seminars. This work consists of experiential and intensive seminars which deal directly with the core obstacles to living life and loving as fully as we can. The work is gentle and non-confrontive yet very effective. In a deeply loving and relaxed environment, we heal naturally. Through guided trance, specific exercises and meditations, the work helps break false negative identifications and opens us to our depth and passion for life (former "Co-Dependency").