Grandmother Spider and the Dreamweaver

Nirvano Martina Schulz leads us with her dreamlike story to her new women's seminar "Spirit Weavers".

Once upon a time there was a woman in search for truth and enlightenment. But the many years of searching made her tired. Her meditation bag was so full and heavy with the many techniques and experiences of enlightening masters, shamans and many teachers.

In her distress she turned to the great mystery and asked for advice, so that her search and the associated worries could become easier. The Great Mystery advised her to sit on Mother Earth and wait patiently.

As she was resting in the grass, Grandmother Spider came by, happily singing and looking for a place to do her night work. She turned questioningly to the woman in the grass. "Your meditation bag would be a good place to weave tonight. Would you allow me that?"

The seeker was very irritated. "But grandmother," she said. "In my pocket are all my treasures, my experiences, my inner wealth. That is sacred.»

"Very well," said Grandmother Spider, "but you're still searching and you seem so tired and exhausted. Come with me. I like to have company tonight. And seeking enlightenment together is more inspiring."

After some hesitation, the seeker agreed and together they found their way into the meditation bag. Grandmother Spider was thrilled with the many colorful variations and immediately started her work. She gently weaved the experiences and techniques of the many masters, shamans and numerous teachers.

She wove the insights and doubts, the hopes and fears. She wove love and compassion, sorrows and loneliness, tears and truth, knowledge and sincerity. She wove the courage and the impatience, the unpredictability, light and shadow, questions and answers. She wove birth and death, joy and laughter.

Her web became a beautiful, unique piece of art. Strong and fragile.

The seeker was deeply touched by the recognition of her search. She saw how important it was to share her many experiences, and she felt her meditation bag get lighter and lighter.

Grandmother Spider was happy about the joy of the seeker and the beautiful work of art. "Come, let us rest together until the sun is rising and enjoy your life's work." The seeker could hardly believe her luck. The night wind, which moved the web gently, rocked her into a deep sleep.

In the dream she heard the grandmother spider whispering. "Let's weave a web together. We welcome the visions that come to us in the Dreamtime and weave the truth that the great mystery unfolds before us."

"The seeker felt in the words her deep yearning for connectedness. She felt again how important it was to share her truth, her creativity, her love. Her search came to an end. She became a spider-woman, a dreamweaver, who found fulfillment in the stillness of the night under the moon and starlight.

Together with Grandmother Spider she wove the circle of dream women, the eagle and wolf women, the circle of tree and forest guardian women, the goddess of the four directions, they wove and wove.

And they wove the circle of "Spirit Weavers" with Nirvano, so they can share old massage traditions and new techniques, dances and drum circle, singing and meditation, silence and earth sauna, love and lightness, stories and dreams with other women.

The next morning, two beautiful spider webs and two spiders were seen in the meadow, singing happily and setting out to find a place for their night work. Maybe they will find their way to you and to the seminar "Spirit Weavers". Your meditation bag is welcome.