The following table gives an overview of the standard prices for board and lodging at our house. For details about supplementary costs for single and double rooms as well as external accommodation scroll down this page.

Rich breakfast-buffet
CHF 16.00
Light lunch including dessert
CHF 21.00
Hearty dinner CHF 21.00
Accommodation in dormitory per night including infrastructure/tourist tax (CHF 25.00) CHF 50.00
Full board residential per day CHF 108.00
Weekend price Friday evening til Sunday afternoon CHF 230.00
Surcharge for single or double room in the Waldhaus (only when available), for details according to category, per person occupancy, and number of nights, see below CHF 20.00 to 50.00
Surcharge for a hotel room or a private accommodation in close proximity, per person per night CHF 15.00 to 50.00

Our group seminars are designed as all-inclusive packages, which includes -sleeping, eating and service charges for the group’s use of the center facilities. As such, please be aware that there are no refunds for early departures, meals not taken or other unused services. We appreciate your understanding.

The fees for board and lodging are to be paid by cash in Swiss Francs (no Euros) either in cash, by Maestro card or Swiss postcard at the beginning of the retreat at our reception. It is possible to pay by Visa- or Mastercard, but because of high bank expenses we prefer the other modes of payment. No cash payment in Euros.

Prices are valid from 1.1.2016. All prices in Swiss Francs. incl. VAT.

The supplementary costs listed below are in CHF, per night and room. (The Making Love Retreats require other supplementary room costs, go to Rooms Making Love.)

Supplementary costs for single rooms (SR) / double rooms (DR)

(not valid for couples seminars and retreats)

"Tower room" DR/SR CHF 20.00
Room next to "tower room" DR/SR CHF 20.00
Terrace room second floor  
(not always available as DR/SR)
DR/SR CHF 45.00
Room 1, 2 (with toilet and wash-basin)
(not always available as DR/SR)
DR/SR CHF 40.00
Room 3, 4, 8, 9, 10
(not always available as DR/SR)  
DR/SR CHF 30.00
Room 5, 6, 8, 9 DR/SR CHF 25.00
Room 7 SR CHF 20.00
Room 11 DR/SR CHF 15.00
Room 12 & 13
(not always available as DR/SR)
DR/SR CHF 25.00
"Lower cottage", room upstairs DR/SR CHF 20.00
"Upper cottage", room under roof DR/SR CHF 20.00
"Upper cottage", room with balcony DR/SR CHF 20.00
"Upper cottage", herbs room DR/SR CHF 20.00
"Upper cottage", garden room DR/SR CHF 20.00
Green cottage DR/SR CHF 15.00
Yellow cottage DR/SR    CHF 10.00   
(not always available as DR/SR)
DR/SR CHF 25.00
Room next to big seminar room
(not always available as DR/SR)
DR/SR CHF 25.00
Camper (only rarely available) DR/SR CHF 10.00

External accommodation

Room at Samuel Stalder's place
– Room 1 (toilet and shower are shared with second person)
– Room 2 (own sanitation)


CHF 20.00 / 20.00
CHF 25.00 / 25.00
The family Rutschi's apartment, private toilet and shower, all meals in Waldhaus ( www.rutschi-ferienwohnung.ch) apartment CHF 30.00
Gasthof Bären Sumiswald, private toilet and shower, all meals in Waldhaus ( www.baeren-sumiswald.ch) DZ/EZ CHF 45.00 / 60.00
Gasthof Bären Ranflüh, private toilet and shower, all meals in Waldhaus ( www.baeren-ranflueh.ch) DZ/EZ CHF 45.00 / 65.00