There is a German saying: "Liebe geht durch den Magen." And the English speaking folk has found the same truth: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach". We all know, that love can affect our body and each cell in us. Thus the Waldhaus-team is dedicated to support this flow of energy through our presence, the way we work, the products we use and how we present your meals. Out of respect for nature we use mainly organic and seasonal products in our kitchen. 'Our' organic farmer and main supplier of fresh products, the Held-family, has worked since many years according to ecological standards. Additionally we get many delicious products from the Bio-service 'Horai' in Bern on a weekly base. Other farmers supply freshly baked breads, fresh milk, organic eggs, vegetables and fruits. We don't stand for a certain "diet", our kitchen is as individual as our cooks. However, we do not include fish and meat. The vegetarian diet supports the awakening of body, mind and soul. We invite you to test this form of nutrition for the length of your stay, even though it might seem unusual to you. If possible we will try to fulfill your requests for special diets. Please inform us in advance. If specific products are needed, please bring them along yourself.